Juice=Juice DVD Magazine Vol.5
DVD Magazine by Juice=Juice
Released February 19, 2016
Length 63 min.
Juice=Juice DVD Magazines Chronology
Previous Juice=Juice DVD Magazine Vol.4 (2015)
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Juice=Juice DVD Magazine Vol.5 is a DVD magazine by Juice=Juice. It was released on February 19, 2016 as merchandise for the Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code2→NEXT to YOU~.

This DVD magazine features complete behind the scenes of the Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Special Code→J=J Day 2015~, from dress rehearsals on October 9 to Juice=Juice Day on October 10. Also included is the recording of their okonomiyaki experience in local Hiroshima that did not make it into Vol.4.

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