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Ichii Sayaka
(いち)() ()()()
Ichii Sayaka, September 2017
Background Information
Also Known As Sayarin (さやりん?)
Born December 31, 1983 (1983-12-31) (age 34)
Origin Chiba, Japan
Blood Type A
Zodiac Sign Capricorn Capricorn
Height 158cm
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Singer, Model
Years Active 1998–2003
Label UP-FRONT AGENCY (May 1998–November 2003)
Ranves (August 2009–2013)
Under Z Group (2014-January 2016)
Associated Acts Morning Musume, Ichii Sayaka in CUBIC-CROSS, Petitmoni, Aoiro 7, OFR48
Blog Ichii Sayaka Official Blog
Twitter 12px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.jpg @sayakaichii
Morning Musume Information
Joined May 3, 1998
Generation 2nd Generation
Member Color       Teal
Graduated May 21, 2000
Official Autograph

Ichii Sayaka (市井紗耶香) is a former member of Morning Musume and CUBIC-CROSS. She is also a former member of the sub-group Petitmoni and the shuffle group Aoiro 7.

She is currently a TV talent, planning to debut as an actress.



Ichii Sayaka, 2016


Ichii Sayaka, July 2014


Ichii Sayaka, 2014

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Ichii Sayaka, 2013


Ichii Sayaka, 2012


Ichii Sayaka, October 2011


Ichii Sayaka, May 2011


Ichii Sayaka, 2009

Ichii Sayaka 2265


Ichii Sayaka joined Morning Musume in May with fellow second generation members Yasuda Kei and Yaguchi Mari.


She left Hello! Project and Morning Musume after the single "Happy Summer Wedding" in May to continue her education.


In November, she performed in the concert FOLK DAYS Ichii Sayaka with Nakazawa Yuko released the album "FOLK SONGS" with Nakazawa Yuko.


In April, Ichii rejoined the music business as the vocalist of the band Ichii Sayaka in CUBIC-CROSS with guitarist Yoshizawa Naoki and Sharam Q keyboardist Taisei, who was also the producer of the group. Ichii also wrote lyrics for many of the band's songs.


In November, Ichii retired from the music business, disbanding Ichii Sayaka in CUBIC-CROSS as a result.


In May, Ichii married her former bandmate Yoshizawa Naoki, and gave birth to her first child in August.[1]

At some point between 2004 and 2009, Ichii gave birth to her second daughter.


In February, she joined Ranves Management agency.

On August 24, it was announced she would return to show business the next day, on which her official blog opened and an interview with FLASH magazine was published.[1]

On August 30, she returned to TV in a TBS show called Sunday Japan.

On September 5, she appeared as a model in Tokyo Girls Collection at Yoyogi Stadium. Her agency stated, "She's returning as a talent with a bright and cheerful character, cultivated by her time in Morning Musume, that anybody would love. In the future, she'll be an actor with special and rare talents." The FLASH interview revealed that her husband and her two children have supported her in her comeback decision. She's realized she can't be an idol anymore, and doesn't want to be a mama-dol either, and that she hasn't been in contact with Morning Musume members, but she would like to appear on TV shows with them.


On May 18, Ichii Sayaka was in a movie titled Ashita ni Kakeru Ai. Ichii commented, "I think it will be a heartwarming work that portrays love across generations." One of the themes of the film is encouraging the relief efforts of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Filming began on April 28 and the movie was released in China and Japan in the spring of 2012.

On June 14, it was announced that Ichii divorced her husband on May 23. Sayaka was dissatisfied with her husband's uncooperative attitude in raising their two daughters. She was also said to be frustrated with Yoshizawa when he quit being a guitarist and settled into a period where he had no work.


On August 25, she revealed she was married to a hairdresser, aged 37. The couple had registered their marriage on July 24. She also revealed she was in the early stages of her third pregnancy.


On March 2, Ichii gave birth to a baby boy.[2]


In April, Ichii revealed that she had submitted an application to the "Otona AKB48 Audition," an audition searching for limited time members over 30.[3] On April 14, she blogged that she had failed the audition.

On May 6, Ichii joined the idol group OFR48 (not related to AKB48). OFR48's full name is "Ofuro48," and was formed in 2011 with the concept of the members being bath house workers that you can go meet. She graduated from the group on August 31.[4]


In February, Ichii opened an official site.[5]

On November 10, Ichii announced that she was pregnant with her fourth child, due in spring 2017.[6][7]


In April, Ichii gave birth to a daughter.[8]


On June 15, it was announced that Ichii will make an appearance at the Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hello! Project 2018 SUMMER concerts on August 4 and August 5 as part of a guest list featuring former Hello! Project members.[9] This will be her first UP-FRONT PROMOTION-related activity in over 14 years.


  • Stage/Birth Name: Ichii Sayaka (市井紗耶香)
  • Nickname: Sayarin (さやりん), Kaasan, Mother
  • Birth Date: December 31, 1983 (1983-12-31) (age 34)
  • Birth Place: Funabashi, Chiba, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 158 cm
  • Western Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Eastern Zodiac: Dog
  • Hobbies: Taking pictures
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 1998-05-03: Member
    • 2000-05-21: Graduated
  • Years in Morning Musume: 2 Years
  • Former Morning Musume Color: Teal
  • Groups:
  • Subgroups:
  • Shuffle Groups:

Singles Featured InEdit

Morning MusumeEdit

Ichii Sayaka in CUBIC-CROSSEdit


Aoiro 7Edit




Duet with Nakazawa YukoEdit



Solo PhotobooksEdit


  1. [2002.10.02] self



  • [2013.12.20] Shisei Sayaka LOVE BASIC (市井紗耶香 LOVE BASIC) (Style book)



  • [1998] Morning Cop ~Daite HOLD ON ME!~ (抱いてHOLD ON ME!)
  • [2000] Pinch Runner (ピンチランナー)
  • [2010] Nagoya MEN'S monogatari KNIGHTS & NOODLE (名古屋MEN'S物語 KNIGHTS&NOODLE)
  • [2012] Ashita ni Kakeru Ai (明日に架ける愛)
  • [2012] Daburu sukai (ダブルスカイ)

TV ShowsEdit

  • [1998-2000] ASAYAN
  • [2000] Morning Musume no Heso (モーニング娘。のへそ)
  • [2000] Hello! Morning (ハロー!モーニング)
  • [2000] Friday Night wa Onegai! Morning (フライデーナイトはお願い!モーニング)
  • [2011] Quiz! sentan tic (クイズ!先端tic)

TV DramasEdit

  • [2009] Sunday Japan
  • [2011] Pachinko Queen (パチンコクイーン・七瀬)
  • [2012] Kamijo reiko no jiken suiri 10 (上条麗子の事件推理10)


  • [2003] Monster Farm 4 (モンスターファーム4)
  • [2010] POND'S Black Clean (POND'S ブラッククリーン)


  • [1999-2000] Pucchimoni Driver (プッチモニダイバー)
  • [2002-2003] Sayaka Ichii RADIO DELUXIAN (市井紗耶香 RADIO DELUXIAN)
  • [2002-2003] SUPER STAR QR


  • She got her nickname 'Kaa-san' from Utaban due to her motherly nature in taking care of the members and her personality.
  • She is the third former Morning Musume member to graduate from both Morning Musume and Hello! Project. The first being Fukuda Asuka and the second being Ishiguro Aya.
  • She is the first former Morning Musume member to have divorced. The second former member to have divorced is Yaguchi Mari, who is from the same generation.
  • She is the third former Up-Front member to audition for an AKB48 group, the others being Kawashima Miyuki and Nakayama Nana.
  • She is the first former Morning Musume member to audition for an AKB48 group.
  • The main reason why she auditioned for Adult AKB48 is that she wanted to shine again. She wanted to challenge herself to shine on the stage again. She missed dancing and singing.
  • Has the most children of any former Morning Musume member: four.

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Honorary TitlesEdit

Honorary titles

Preceded by
Fukuda Asuka

Youngest member of Morning Musume

Succeeded by
Goto Maki


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