Hoshibe Sho's official profile picture of a daruma

Hoshibe Sho (星部ショウ) is a Japanese lyricist, composer, and arranger working for UP-FRONT GROUP.


Hoshibe Sho was born in 1985 in the Tohoku region. He learned to play the guitar at the age of 12 and took an interest in composing music. After graduating from high school, Hoshibe moved to Tokyo to attend a music school.

He was a participant in an UP-FRONT Forest Award audition. He began his career in 2015, writing various songs for Hello! Project.



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  • Hoshibe most likely represents himself with a picture of a daruma doll as a reference to ANGERME's "Nana Korobi Ya Oki", one of the first songs he wrote. Daruma are associated with the proverb that the song is named after, "nana korobi ya oki" (七転び八起き) meaning "fall seven times, get up eight", because their round shape and weighted bottoms allow them to return to an upright position when knocked over.

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