Hitori no Kisetsu
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Solo Photobook by Yajima Maimi
Released August 27, 2016
Publisher Wani Books
Photographer Saijo Akihito
Yajima Maimi Publication Chronology
Previous Nobody knows23 10th Solo Photobook (2015)
Next Cute? Honto wa Taiikkukaikei! Yajima Maimi no Leader Ron "Nonbiri, Sarigenaku, Funwari to." Book (2017)
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Hitori no Kisetsu (ひとりの季節; Lonely Season) is Yajima Maimi's 11th solo photobook. It was released on August 27, 2016 and included a making of DVD.

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  • A release event was held at Fukuya Shoten in Shinjuku on August 26, 2016.[1]


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