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Mitsui Aika, Sayashi Riho, Sudou Maasa, Tokunaga Chinami, Wada Ayaka, Yajima Maimi-384003

DVD by Hello! Project

Release Date July 3, 2013
Hello! SATOYAMA Life Series

Previous Volume 5
Next Volume 7

Hello! SATOYAMA Life Vol. 6 (ハロー!SATOYAMAライフ Vol.6) is a DVD by Hello! Project. It features selected scenes from episodes of the show Hello! SATOYAMA Life. It was released on July 3, 2013 under the UP-FRONT WORKS label.


  1. Eco Village de Kagai Jugyou 1 (エコヴィレッジで課外授業①) - Tokunaga Chinami, Sudo Maasa, Yajima Maimi
  2. Eco Village de Kagai Jugyou 2 (エコヴィレッジで課外授業②) - Tokunaga Chinami, Sudo Maasa, Yajima Maimi
  3. Morning Musume 11ki Member Audition (モーニング娘。11期メンバーオーディション)
  4. Kugatsu Tooka wa ℃-ute no Hi (9月10日は℃-uteの日)
  5. Satoyama Zakkuri Kitchen Aburi Chaashuu no Cabbage Gohan (里山ざっくりキッチン 炙りチャーシューのキャベツご飯) - Sayashi Riho, Wada Ayaka, Mitsui Aika
  6. Satoyama Zakkuri Kitchen Tebasaki no Sappari Gohan (里山ざっくりキッチン 手羽先のさっぱりご飯) - Sayashi Riho, Wada Ayaka, Mitsui Aika

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