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DVD by Hello! Project

Release Date March 19, 2014
Hello! SATOYAMA Life Series

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Hello! SATOYAMA Life Vol. 23 (ハロー!SATOYAMAライフ Vol.23) is a DVD by Hello! Project. It features selected scenes from episodes of the show Hello! SATOYAMA Life. It was released on March 19, 2014 under the UP-FRONT WORKS label. 


  1. 地域おこし協力隊 周防大島 / 生田衣梨奈(モーニング娘。)、中島早貴・岡井千聖(℃-ute)、光井愛佳
  2. Hello! Project 2013 SUMMER COOL HELLO!~ソレゾーレ~ NEWS
  3. ダイヤレディ-「レディーマーメイド」MV撮影に密着
  4. HI-FIN「海岸清掃男子」MV撮影に密着

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