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June 15, 2016 - Morning Musume 13th Generation Re-recruitment
Less than three weeks since it was announced the Morning Musume '16 Shinseiki Audition ended without winners, auditions have already restarted. It is being treated as a continuation of the previous audition rather than being given an all-new name, though they sometimes refer to this as Sai Boshuu (再募集;Re-recruitment).
The new aplication deadline is August 7, 2016.
Source: Hello! Project

May 31, 2016 - No Morning Musume 13th Generation at This Time
It's been announced that the Morning Musume '16 Shinseiki Audition has concluded without any winners being added to the group at this time.
The Shinseiki Audition was announced this January. There's no word yet on when further auditions will be.
Source: Hello! Project

May 28, 2016 - Okai Chisato diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule
During ℃-ute's concert in Koshigaya, Okai Chisato announced that she had been diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule condition.
After the ℃-ute Okai Chisato Birthday Event 2016 on June 22, 2016, she will have the surgery and the group will perform as a 4-member line-up until she recovers.
Source: Hello! Project

May 5, 2016 - Hello Pro Kenshuusei Public Ability Diagnosis Test results
The fourth public on-stage test, Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2016 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~, took place on May 5, 2016 at Nakano Sun Plaza.
The winners of the public vote are 24th generation member Kasahara Momona and 25th generation member Kiyono Momohime (each with 228 votes).
Awarded by judges were: 23rd generation member Takase Kurumi (Singing Award), 24th generation members Akiyama Mao (Dance Award) and 19th generation member Inoue Hikaru (Special Award). Takase Kurumi is also runner-up to Kasahara Momona and Kiyono Momohime (receiving 225 fan votes).

Latest H!P Releases

Morning Musume '16 - Utakata Saturday Night! / The Vision / Tokyo to Iu Katasumi - May 11, 2016
Country Girls & Tsubaki Factory - Engeki Joshibu Musical "Kizetsu Suru Hodo Aishiteru!" Original Soundtrack (mini album) - June 1, 2016
Country Girls Live Tour 2015 Aki Fuyu - May 11, 2016
The Girls Live Vol.22 - June 8, 2016
Hamaura Ayano - Hamaura Ayano - June 4, 2016
Murota Mizuki - Murota Mizuki Mini Photobook "Greeting -Photobook-" - June 12, 2016
Ishida Ayumi - It's my turn - June 27, 2016

Upcoming H!P Releases

Kobushi Factory - Samba! Kobushi Janeiro / Bacchikoi Seishun! / Ora wa Ninkimono - July 27, 2016
Morning Musume '16 - Engeki Joshibu Musical "Zoku 11nin Iru! Higashi no Chihei, Nishi no Towa" Original Soundtrack (mini album) - July 13, 2016
Kudo Haruka - Haruka -Haruka- - July 6, 2016
Budokan - July 6, 2016
The Girls Live Vol.23 - July 6, 2016
Hello! Project Hina Fest 2016 <Morning Musume '16 Premium> - July 13, 2016
Hello! Project Hina Fest 2016 <℃-ute Premium> - July 13, 2016
Ishida Ayumi - It's a Beautiful Day - July 27, 2016
℃maj9 SPECIAL LIVE - August 3, 2016
The Girls Live Vol.24 - August 10, 2016
Morning Musume '16 Live Concert in Houston - August 10, 2016
Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code3 Special→Growing Up!~ - August 17, 2016
Kanazawa Tomoko Mini Photobook "Greeting -Photobook-" - July 1, 2016
Uemura Akari - AKARI II - July 25, 2016

Recent Concerts

Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Code3→Growing!~ (April 2 - July 3)
Country Girls Live Tour 2016 Haru Natsu FINAL! (June 30)
Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220 ~Last Code→Full Squeeze!~ (July 14 - October 29)
Hello! Project 2016 SUMMER (July 16 - September 3)
Buono! Festa 2016 (August 25)

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Hello! Project Birthdays

July 1, Happy Birthday!
Kaneko Rie (19th)
July 2, Coming Soon
Kanazawa Tomoko (21st)
July 3, Coming Soon
Sudo Maasa (24th)
Hashimoto Nagisa (19th)
July 4, Coming Soon
Yaguchi Megumi (26th)
July 5, Coming Soon
Konishi Takao (51st)
July 7, Coming Soon
Ikuta Erina (19th)

Note: All birthdays are based on JST Time.

Recent Music Videos

Morning Musume '16 - Utakata Saturday Night! (MV) (Promotion Edit)03:59

Morning Musume '16 - Utakata Saturday Night! (MV) (Promotion Edit)

Morning Musume '16 - The Vision (MV) (Promotion Edit)05:36

Morning Musume '16 - The Vision (MV) (Promotion Edit)

Morning Musume '16 - Tokyo to Iu Katasumi (MV) (Promotion Edit)04:43

Morning Musume '16 - Tokyo to Iu Katasumi (MV) (Promotion Edit)

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(Part 3) Medium Hair:

The poll was created at 18:52 on June 26, 2016, and so far 92 people voted.
Weekly Results


(Part 2) Medium Hair: - Ikuta Erina & Oda Sakura

  1. Ikuta Erina (62 Votes)
  2. Oda Sakura (62 Votes)
  3. Murota Mizuki (23 Votes)
  4. Katsuta Rina (12 Votes)
  5. Haga Akane (5 Votes)
  • Total: 164 Votes

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Katsuta Rina

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