Hello! Project Shin Member Audition
Hello! Project promoting the audition
General Information
Total Applicants TBA
Winners None

Hello! Project Shin Member Audition (ハロー!プロジェクト新メンバーオーディション) is the audition for new members to join Hello! Project as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations in 2018. It was announced on July 15, 2017 at Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER ~HELLO! MEETING~.[1]

On November 13, 2017, a AbemaTV program following the audition, titled Shoujotachi no Ketsudan ~Mitchaku!! Hello! Project 20 Shuunen Audition~ (少女たちの決断〜密着!!ハロー!プロジェクト20周年オーディション〜; Girls' Decisions ~Close Coverage!! Hello! Project 20th Anniversary Audition~), began.[2] To make the audition memorable, the program will show full close coverage of the audition for the first time since 2011. In addition, various past and current Hello! Project members will watch and comment on the audition process from a studio. Unreleased footage and stories from the audition will also be uploaded onto AbemaVideo.[3][4]

Audition DetailsEdit

  • Application Requirements:
    1. Female, minimum of 9 years of age and maximum of 17 years of age by July 15, 2017.
    2. Must be able to attend lessons in Tokyo.
    3. Must not currently be under contract with any agencies.
    4. Must have consent from legal guardian if under the age of 15.
  • Application Deadline: August 14, 2017
  • Total Applicants: TBA Auditionees
  • Dance Instructor: Mitsubachi Maki
  • Singing Instructor: Marron
  • Broadcast:
    • Shoujotachi no Ketsudan ~Mitchaku!! Hello! Project 20 Shuunen Audition~ on AbemaTV
    • Extras on AbemaVideo

Audition ProcessEdit

First RoundEdit

The application deadline was on August 14, 2017 at noon.

Screening of the primary documents was completed on August 25, 2017, and it was announced that successful applicants would be sent information on the second round screening through the mail.[5]

Second RoundEdit


Hashimoto Shin

89 girls from all over the country were selected to take part in the second round screenings held in both Tokyo and Osaka in September 2017.[5][6]

Recording director Hashimoto Shin was a member of the judging panel in Tokyo. He and three other judges reviewed each girl's profile and interviewed them.[6]

In this round the girls had to:[6]

Identified participants in this round are:

Final RoundEdit


The finalists

The final round took place in October 2017. The finalists had to learn to perform "Jealousy Jealousy" as a group for their final evaluation all in one day. Mitsubachi Maki was in charge of dance lessons,[7] and marron was in charge of singing lessons and divided parts of the song to the girls.[8]

8 girls were chosen to participate. They include:[6]

UP-FRONT PROMOTION's representative director Nishiguchi Takeshi, Hashimoto Shin, Mitsubachi Maki, marron, and one other unidentified male employee were members of the final judging panel.



Nishiguchi Takeshi

The audition results were announced on December 4, 2017 in episode six of Shoujotachi no Ketsudan ~Mitchaku!! Hello! Project 20 Shuunen Audition~.[9][10]

Nishiguchi Takeshi revealed there were no winners. He invited all of the girls to join Hello Pro Kenshuusei to gain more experience, but told them to discuss their decision with their parents first.[11]

All of the finalists except for Kodama Mai accepted their invitations, and they were introduced and did a dance performance of "Jealousy Jealousy" together in the Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2017 12gatsu ~Conti→New!~ on December 10, 2017 at Zepp Tokyo.[11][12]


  • The audition website stated that applicants would have a chance to join any of the main groups, the new group, or Engeki Joshibu.
  • The following former and current Hello! Project members were narrators for Shoujotachi no Ketsudan ~Mitchaku!! Hello! Project 20 Shuunen Audition~: Michishige Sayumi from episodes one to three,[5] Mano Erina from episodes four to seven,[13] and Nonaka Miki from episode eight.[14]
  • Michishige Sayumi wanted to cheer on the audition candidates after seeing them do their best. She also wondered to herself which group the candidates would join or which group certain girls would fit in with.[5]
  • Okai Chisato hoped for Matsubara Yuriya to pass the audition, while Tanaka Reina hoped for Kanemitsu Ruru to pass.
  • Takahashi Ai liked Kodama Mai.



  • Shoujotachi no Ketsudan ~Mitchaku!! Hello! Project 20 Shuunen Audition~ AbemaTV header
  • Second round
  • Jealousy Jealousy
  • Final round (right to left: Matsubara Yuriya, Kanemitsu Ruru, Kubota Nanami, Shutto Anna, Tamenaga Shion, Hashimoto Momoko)
  • Kodama Mai, 15
  • Kodama Mai
  • Hashimoto Momoko, 14
  • Hashimoto Momoko
  • Goto Sayaka, 14
  • Tamenaga Shion, 14
  • Tamenaga Shion
  • Shutto Anna, 13
  • Kubota Nanami, 13
  • Kubota Nanami
  • Kanemitsu Ruru, 12
  • Matsubara Yuriya, 10
  • Hiromoto Ruri, 14
  • Kodama Mai
  • Hashimoto Momoko
  • Goto Sayaka
  • Tamenaga Shion
  • Shutto Anna
  • Kubota Nanami
  • Kanemitsu Ruru
  • Matsubara Yuriya
  • Hashimoto Momoko
  • Goto Sayaka
  • Tamenaga Shion
  • Final performance in front of the UP-FRONT judges


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External LinksEdit

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