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Hello! Project Happy New Year 2000 is a Hello! Project concert VHS release only. It is unknown when it was filmed but a segment featured on Asayan (airing on 2000-01-09) revealed that on 2000-01-07 was Ishiguro Aya's graduation.


  1. Hello! no Theme
  2. Good Morning
  3. MC: Zenin Aisatsu
  4. Junjou Koushinkyoku - Nakazawa Yuko with Heike Michiyo, Abe Natsumi, Taiyo to Ciscomoon, Coconuts Musume, and Toda Rinne singing the 2nd chorus
  5. Short Musical - Petitmoni
  6. Love, Yes I do! - Miyoshi Chinatsu and Melon Kinenbi
  7. Tanpopo - Tanpopo
  8. MC: Tanpopo
  9. Last Kiss - Tanpopo
  10. Sooran Bushi - Kominato Miwa, Nakazawa Yuko, Abe Natsumi, Heike Michiyo, Taiyo to Ciscomoon, Coconuts Musume, and Miyoshi Chinatsu
  11. MC
  12. Yukigeshiki - Country Musume and Melon Kinenbi
  13. MC
  14. Anata no Yume ni Naritai - Heike Michiyo
  15. GET - Heike Michiyo with Tanpopo and Miyoshi Chinatsu
  16. MC: Melon Kinenbi member introduce
  17. Amai Anata no Aji - Melon Kinenbi
  18. MC
  19. DANCE & CHANCE - Coconuts Musume
  20. Marui Taiyou -winter ver.- - Taiyo to Ciscomoon
  21. Taiyo to Ciscomoon Medley:
  22. Gatamekira Taiyo to Ciscomoon with Abe Natsumi, Nakazawa Yuko, Coconuts Musume, and Miyoshi Chinatsu
  23. MC
  24. Daite HOLD ON ME! - Morning Musume
  25. Manatsu no Kousen - Morning Musume
  26. Chokotto LOVE - Petitmoni
  27. Morning Coffee - Morning Musume
  28. Memory Seishun no Hikari - Morning Musume
  29. Summer Night Town - Morning Musume
  30. LOVE Machine - Morning Musume
  31. Dou ni ka Shite Doyoubi - Morning Musume then All
  32. MC
  33. Da Di Du De Do Da Di!


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