Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol.52
DVD Magazine by Hello! Project
Released January 2, 2017
Length 63 min. (Disc 1)
60 min. (Disc 2)
Hello! Project DVD Magazines Chronology
Previous Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol.51 (2016)
Next Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol.53 (2017)

Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol.52 is the 52nd Hello! Project DVD magazine. It was released on January 2, 2017 as merchandise for the Hello! Project 2017 WINTER.

The long-awaited Hello! Project Athletic Meet is held! Moderators Makoto (Sharam Q) and Nakajima Saki (℃-ute) have wonderful prizes for the teams and groups to fight against for! There is also a punishment game for the team with lowest score...?! 2017 starts with laughter and tears!

Featured MembersEdit


The following member(s) are absent from the DVD for unknown reasons:


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