Hello! First Live at Shibuya Kohka
00Hello First Live at Shibuya Kohka

DVD cover
Hello! Project Concert Tour
Opening Date July 12, 1998
Closing Date July 27, 1998
Released December 12, 1998 (VHS/LD), December 4, 2012 (DVD)
Format VHS (EPVE-5002), Laser Disc (EPLE-5002), DVD (EPBE-5050)
Recorded July 12, 1998
Length 00:59:30
Label zetima
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VHS cover


DVD rerelease cover

Hello! FIRST LIVE AT SHIBUYA KOHKAIDO was Hello! Project's first recorded live concert.

It was filmed on July 12, 1998, and the VHS and Laser Disc of the performance were released on December 12, 1998. A DVD version was released four years later, on December 04, 2002. The DVD ranked 24th in the Oricon chart.


  1. Interview 1 (Track: Daite HOLD ON ME!)
  2. Good Morning - Morning Musume
  3. Interview 2
  4. Dou ni ka Shite Doyoubi - Morning Musume
  5. Usotsuki Anta - Morning Musume
  6. Interview 3
  7. GET- Heike Michiyo with Morning Musume
  8. Interview 4
  9. Daikirai - Heike Michiyo
  10. Interview 5
  11. Karasu no Nyoubou - Nakazawa Yuko
  12. Morning Coffee - Morning Musume
  13. Mirai no Tobira - Morning Musume
  14. Summer Night Town - Morning Musume
  15. Ai no Tane - Morning Musume
  16. Samishii Hi - Morning Musume
  17. Interview 6 (Track: Onegai Nail)

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  • At the time of the concert, Hello! Project was still known as "Hello!" and is credited so in the recording as well as on the covers of the VHS, LD, and DVD.
  • The concert featured a live band for a majority of the songs.
  • During Nakazawa Yuko's performance of Karasu no Nyoubou, the accompanying music track cut out for around 15 seconds. Nakazawa was only slightly shaken, and continued acapella while the audience kept time clapping until the track returned.

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