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Hapi☆Hapi Sunday!
Hapi☆Hapi Sunday! Regular Edition cover
Regular Edition
Single by Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume)
from album Best☆Kirari
Native title はぴ☆はぴサンデー!
Released February 4, 2009
February 11, 2009 (Single V)
Genre J-Pop
Format CD single, Single V, digital download
Length 10:57
Label zetima zetima
Kusumi Koharu Singles Chronology
Previous Papancake 5th Single (2008)
Next Asaasamba 1st Digital Single (2011)
Other Covers

Hapi☆Hapi Sunday! Limited Edition cover
Limited Edition

Hapi☆Hapi Sunday! Single V cover
Single V

Hapi☆Hapi Sunday! (はぴ☆はぴサンデー!) is Kusumi Koharu's 6th and last solo single as Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume). It was released on February 4, 2009 in both limited and regular editions. The limited edition came with a Kirarin☆Revolution card while the first press of the regular edition came with a Kirarin☆Revolution sticker. The Single V was released on February 11, 2009. "Hapi☆Hapi Sunday!" was used as the last ending theme for the anime Kirarin☆Revolution.


Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu - Hapi Hapi Sunday (Dohhh! UP)03:55

Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu - Hapi Hapi Sunday (Dohhh! UP)

Hapi☆Hapi Sunday! (MV)

  1. Hapi☆Hapi Sunday!
  2. Hatten×JOY (ハッテン×JOY; Growth and Joy)
  3. Hapi☆Hapi Sunday! (Instrumental)

Single VEdit

  1. Hapi☆Hapi Sunday!
  2. Tsukishima Kirari no One-point Dance Lesson (月島きらりのワンポイントダンスレッスン; Tsukishima Kirari's One-point Dance Lesson)
  3. Hapi☆Hapi Sunday! (Dance Shot Ver.)
  4. Making Eizou (メイキング映像; Making-of footage)

TV PerformancesEdit


Kusumi Koharu promoting single

Concert PerformancesEdit

Single InformationEdit

  1. Hapi☆Hapi Sunday!
  2. Hatten×JOY
    • Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: Araki Keiroku


  • This is Kusumi Koharu's third single to have an English title, the first being Happy☆彡 and second being Chance!.
  • The single V for the single sold 2,690 copies and peaked at #7 on the Oricon weekly charts.
  • This is her lowest selling single.

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 7 7 11 14 9 12 9 9,244
23 24 22 47 39 33 19 30 2,510
48 - - - - - 46 69 1,138
- - - - - - - 136 740
- - - - - - - 164 462
- - - - - - - 185 374

Total Reported Sales: 14,468

External LinksEdit


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