Regular Edition
Single by Matsuura Aya
from the album ×3
Native title GOOD BYE 夏男
Released June 4, 2003
Genre J-Pop
Format CD single, Single V (VHS/DVD), digital download
Length 12:14
Label zetima zetima
Producer Tsunku
Matsuura Aya Singles Chronology
Previous Ne~e? 9th single (2003)
Next THE LAST NIGHT 11th single (2003)
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Limited Edition

Sv 003l-2
Single V (DVD)

Single V (VHS)

GOOD BYE Natsuo (GOOD BYE 夏男; Good Bye Summer Boy) is the 10th single from Matsuura Aya. It was released on June 4, 2003 under Zetima. It sold 57,836 copies in its first week and 88,483 copies total. The single V for the single sold 28,482 copies total.

On the day of the release, a DVD (EPBE-5077) and VHS video (EPVE-5077) with the music video was also released. The DVD contains an alternate multi-channel DTS surround sound audio track for the music video, besides the regular stereo LPCM audio track.


Matsuura Aya - Good Bye Natsuo04:22

Matsuura Aya - Good Bye Natsuo

GOOD BYE Natsuo (MV)


  1. GOOD BYE Natsuo
  2. Watakushi no Yotei (私の予定; My Plans)
  3. GOOD BYE Natsuo (Instrumental)

Single VEdit

  1. GOOD BYE Natsuo
  2. GOOD BYE Natsuo (WILD Ayaya Ver.)
  3. making-of featurette & interview(s)

TV PerformancesEdit

  • [2003-05-25] Domoto Kyoudai
  • [2003-05-26] Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ
  • [2003-05-29] Utaban
  • [2003-xx-xx] BS Junior
  • [2003-06-09] Pop Jam
  • [2003-08-24] 24 Hour TV
  • [2003-12-17] Best Artist 2003
  • [2003-12-20] Japanese Cable Grand Prix
  • [2003-12-31] CDTV

Concert PerformancesEdit


Single InformationEdit

All Lyrics and Compositions: Tsunku

  1. GOOD BYE Natsuo
  2. Watakushi no Yotei

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