Futari no Hokkaido
Single by Country Musume
from the album Country Musume Daizenshuu ①
Native title 二人の北海道
Released July 23, 1999
Genre J-Pop
Format CD single
Length 12:44
Producer Tanaka Yoshitake
Tsunku (sound producer)
Country Musume Singles Chronology
Next Yukigeshiki 2nd single (1999)

Futari no Hokkaido (二人の北海道; A Couple's Hokkaido) is Country Musume's debut single, released on July 23, 1999 the single failed to chart on the Oricon charts. The title track appears on the albums Country Musume Daizenshuu ① and Country Musume Mega Best.

This is the only single to feature the original three-member lineup; one week before the release, on July 16, 1999 member Yanagihara Hiromi was killed in a car accident. As a result, Kobayashi Azusa left the group the following month in August 1999.


  1. Futari no Hokkaido
    Country Musume - Futari no Hokkaido (MV)

    Country Musume - Futari no Hokkaido (MV)

    Futari no Hokkaido (MV)

  1. Morning Gyuunyuu (モーニング牛乳; Morning Milk)
  2. Futari no Hokkaido (Instrumental)

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Futari no Hokkaido

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Futari no Hokkaido
Morning Gyuunyuu


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