Follow Me
Album by Da Xiao Jie
Native title 加加油!大小姐
Released July 30, 2013
Genre Pop
Format CD+DVD
Recorded 2013
Language Chinese
Label Forward Music
Da Xiao Jie Albums Chronology
Previous Jia Jiayou! Da Xiao Jie 1st album (2011)

Follow Me is the second studio album by Da Xiao Jie. It was released on July 30, 2013.


大小姐【Follow Me】發落密 高畫質官方MV03:24

大小姐【Follow Me】發落密 高畫質官方MV

Follow Me (MV)

大小姐【LOVE】 高畫質官方MV02:27

大小姐【LOVE】 高畫質官方MV


大小姐【愛心大無限】 高畫質官方MV03:17

大小姐【愛心大無限】 高畫質官方MV

Àixīn Dà Wúxiàn


  1. Follow Me (Fa Lou Mi) (Follow Me (发落密))
  2. LOVE
  3. Deng Da Ren (登大人)
  4. Ma Ji Bao Bei (麻吉宝贝)
  5. Ai Xin Da Wu Xian (爱心大无限)
  6. Xiang Xiang Zao (香香澡)
  7. Da Xiao Jie Jin Xing Qu (大小姐进行曲)
    • LOVE
    • Follow Me
    • Ai Xin Da Wu Xian
    • Deng Da Ren
    • Ma Ji Bao Bei
    • Xiang Xiang Zao


  1. Follow Me
  2. LOVE
  3. Deng Da Ren
  4. Ma Ji Bao Bei
  5. Ai Xin Da Wu Xian
  6. Xiang Xiang Zao

Album InformationEdit

  1. Follow Me
    • Lyrics: Edry Abdul Halim、邬裕康
    • Composition: Edry Abdul Halim
  2. LOVE
    • Lyrics: 官锭 AL、姚光庭
    • Composition: 官锭 AL
  3. Dēng Dàrén
    • Lyrics: 何启弘
    • Composition: 黄冠龙 Alex. D、张棋惠
  4. Májí Bǎobèi
    • Lyrics: 林宇中
    • Composition: 黄冠龙 Alex. D、张棋惠
  5. Àixīn Dà Wúxiàn
    • Lyrics: 林抡元 (香蕉)
    • Composition: 简皎竹 (草莓)
  6. Xiāng Xiāng Zǎo
    • Lyrics: 王俞方
    • Composition: 爱力狮


  • This is Da Xiao Jie's first album outside of Hello! Pro Taiwan, as well as the first with a full english title.
  • Da Xiao Jie Jin Xing Qu is a bonus track. It is a remix of the other 6 songs of the album.
  • Lan Ai Zi's little sister is featured in the music video for "Ai Xin Da Wu Xian".

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