Fiesta! Fiesta!
Digital Single by Juice=Juice
Released August 23, 2017
Genre J-Pop
Format Digital
Juice=Juice Singles Chronology
Previous Jidanda Dance / Feel! Kanjiru yo 9th Single (2017)
Next SEXY SEXY / Naite Ii yo / Vivid Midnight 10th Single (2018)
Juice=Juice - Fiesta! Fiesta (MV) (Short Ver

Juice=Juice - Fiesta! Fiesta (MV) (Short Ver.)

Fiesta! Fiesta! is the first digital single by Juice=Juice.[1] It was released on August 23, 2017. The titled track was pre-released on iTunes on August 2, 2017.[2] Recochoku downloads from August 23 up to August 29, 2017 included a special artist photo PDF.[3]

An English version of "Wonderful World" from their 6th single is included as a B-side.[4]

It is the first single to feature new members Yanagawa Nanami and Danbara Ruru.


  1. Fiesta! Fiesta!
  2. Wonderful World (English Ver.)
  3. Fiesta! Fiesta! (Instrumental)

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Juice=Juice promoting the single

Single InformationEdit

Fiesta! Fiesta!
Wonderful World (English Ver.)

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Fiesta! Fiesta
Wonderful World (English Ver.)

Chart PositionsEdit

Country Chart Highest
Flag of Japan.svg Japan iTunes Top 100 Songs 3 [5]
mora Daily High-Res Single Ranking 1 [6]


  • The single was first announced and performed at the Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER concert tour on July 15, 2017.[7]
  • "Wonderful World (English Ver.)" is the first full English song released by Juice=Juice.
  • The "Fiesta! Fiesta!" music video was originally planned to be available for paid digital download, but staff decided to cancel it due to convenience and instead release it later on YouTube as promotion.[8] On October 10, 2017, a short version was finally uploaded onto YouTube, but it is unknown when or if the full music video will ever be released.


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