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Fashionable (ファッショナブル), is a theater production and a single directed by Yoshida Ken. The play was performed from June 11 to June 27, 2010.

The play had a DVD release on September 15, 2010. The DVD ranked at #22 and sold 2,646 copies.


Morning Musume
Other Cast
  • Takuro Tatsumi (辰巳琢郎) (Lead Role)
  • Kato Noriko (加藤紀子)
  • Nakajima Saki (中島早貴)
  • Mori Saki (森咲樹)
  • Sano Kaori (佐野香織里)
  • Katou Yuumi (加藤優実)N1
  • Sayashi Riho (鞘師里保)N1
  • Hijikata Honoka (土方穂乃花)N1
  • Nanami Nene (南寧々)N1
  • Yamada Natsuko (山田夏子)N1
  1. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^  The following 5 actress won the Jc&Jk Joyuu Audition and share the same role in this stage play.

Single InformationEdit

Yoshida Ken
Other Information
Arrangement: Hatake


  • Hasegawa Coco
  • Murata Miyuu
  • Origuchi Yukari
  • Morinari Anna
  • Kusakabe Rui
  • Mitsui Aika
  • JunJun
  • LinLin

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