Eita × Suzuki Airi Eita Produce Magic Make-up
Beauty Book by Suzuki Airi, Eita
Released May 20, 2013
Publisher Standard Magazine
Suzuki Airi, Eita Publication Chronology
Previous Airi-aL
Next Airi-sT

Eita × Suzuki Airi Eita Produce Magic Make-up (Eita×鈴木愛理 Eita Produce Magic Make-up) is a collaborative beauty book by Suzuki Airi and hair and make-up artist Eita. It was published on May 20, 2013 by Standard Magazine.

The book includes different themed make-up techniques, details on cosmetics, 22 pages of gravure, and a special Suzuki Airi × Eita conversation.

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