Mini Album by Noto Arisa
Released July 25, 2010
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Recorded 2010
Length 26:16
Noto Arisa Albums Chronology
Previous NO NIGHT EDEN 1st Album (2009)
Next innocent as a BABY 3rd Album (2010)

END OF THE GATE is the second mini-album by Noto Arisa. It was released on July 25, 2010.

Noto co-produced the release and wrote all lyrics. The mini-album was exclusive to the Hello! Project official shop in Shibuya and online at the STUDIO CUBE web shop; therefore, it was not counted on the Oricon charts.


  1. OK! Gecchu! Boku no Watashi no Mokei Life (OK!ゲッチュ!僕の私の模型ライフ)
  2. Tomato no Uta (トマトのうた; Tomato Song)
  3. I-MO-TA-RE☆
  4. Yurenai Heart ~Yume Shokumobi no Serenade~ (揺れないハート ~夢色 モ美ィのセレナーデ~)
  5. OK! Gecchu! Boku no Watashi no Mokei Life (off vocal)
  6. Tomato no Uta (off vocal)
  7. I-MO-TA-RE☆ (off vocal)
  8. Yurenai Heart ~Yume Shokumobi no Serenade~ (off vocal)

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