Double Rainbow
Album by Matsuura Aya
Native title ダブル レインボウ
Released October 10, 2007
Genre J-Pop
Format CD, digital download
Recorded 2006–2007
Length 52:20
Label zetima
Matsuura Aya Albums Chronology
Previous Naked Songs 4th album (2006)
Next Omoi Afurete 6th album (2009)
Singles from Double Rainbow
1. Suna wo Kamu You ni... NAMIDA
2. Egao

Double Rainbow (ダブル レインボウ) is Matsuura Aya's 5th studio album. It was released on October 10, 2007. The first press comes with a bonus slip cover. It peaked at #22 on the Oricon weekly charts and sold 12,536 copies.


  1. Ima wa Let it Be (今はレットイットビー; Now Let it Be)
  3. Soulmate (ソウルメイト)
  4. Double Rainbow (ダブル レインボウ)
  5. blue bird
  6. Kaze ni Makasete (風に任せて; Leave it to the Wind)
  7. Suna wo Kamu You ni... NAMIDA (砂を噛むように…NAMIDA)
  8. Toudai (灯台; Lighthouse)
  9. Hikkosenai Kimochi (引越せない気持; Unmovable Feelings)
  10. Onna Day by Day (女 Day by Day; Woman Day by Day)
  11. Egao (笑顔; Smile)

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