Single by Moritaka Chisato
from album Sava Sava

Release Date March 4, 1998
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single
Recorded 1998
Label One Up Music

Moritaka Chisato Singles Chronology

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Next: Umi Made Gofun 36th Single

Denwa (電話; Telephone) is Moritaka Chisato's 35th single. It was released on March 4, 1998. The title track was used as a theme song for the Kanebou SALA commercials.

The single reached #17 on the weekly Oricon chart and charted for seven weeks, selling 58,000 copies.

森高千里 『電話』 (PV)04:02

森高千里 『電話』 (PV)

Denwa (MV)


  1. Denwa
  3. Denwa (Original Karaoke)

Single InformationEdit

  1. Denwa


  • This is Moritaka's 16th single under UP-FRONT PROMOTION.
  • This is Moritaka's last single under One Up Music.

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