Fujisawa Hideki (藤沢秀樹), better known by his stage name DANCE☆MAN (ダンス☆マン) is a musician who has arranged Hello! Project songs off and on through most of its history, most heavily from 1999-2002. He both has releases under his own name and works on other artists' releases. LOVE Machine was the hit that first brought him significant attention.

As DANCE☆MAN he always appears in a fake afro, fake sideburns, and sunglasses; and claims to come from the planet Mirrorball.


  • Birth Name: Fujisawa Hideki (藤沢秀樹)
  • Stage Name: DANCE☆MAN (ダンス☆マン)
  • Birthdate: October 12, 1963 (1963-10-12) (age 53)
  • Birthplace: Choufu, Tokyo, Japan


Often DANCE☆MAN's songs will credit the musical performance to DANCE☆MAN & THE BANDMAN, featuring more musicians operating under pseudonyms. Not all of THE BANDMAN members appear in every track, but ones noted to have worked on Hello! Project songs include:

  • HYU HYU (Drums)
  • YOGA FIRE! (Bass)
  • TOCA (Bass) (Died January 2001)
  • JUMP MAN (Guitar)
  • BOMB (Guitar) (Left May 2001)
  • WATA-BOO (Keyboards)
  • STAGE CHAKKA MAN (Percussion)
  • DJ.ICHIRO (Turntable)
  • RELIEF⚾MAN (Bass, Guitar)


Arrangement unless otherwise noted.


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