Cutie Kankousha Fanclub Tour "Okai Chisato Birthday Party" in Nagano
DVD cover
DVD by Okai Chisato
Genre Birthday Event
Format DVD
Recorded June 20-21, 2015
Okai Chisato DVDs Chronology
Previous ℃-ute Chisato Okai Birthday Event 2014
Next ℃-ute Okai Chisato Birthday Event 2016

Okai Chisato Promoting Event

Cutie Kankousha Fanclub Tour "Okai Chisato Birthday Party" in Nagano (キューティー観光社ファンクラブツアー “岡井千聖バースデーパーティー”in 長野) is Okai Chisato's first solo fanclub tour, and 2015 birthday event. It took place June 20 and 21, 2015. The deadline to preorder the DVD was August 27, 2015.


  1. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
  2. Yokohama Shinkirou
  3. MC1
  4. Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni wa Naranee!~
  5. 1/3 no Junjō na Kanjō (Siam Shade)
  6. 100kai no KISS
  7. MC2
  8. Osaka Lover (DREAMS COME TRUE)
  9. Giniro no Eien
  10. MC3
  11. Tokaikko Junjou
  12. Romantic Ukare Mode
  13. Kiss me Aishiteru


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