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DVD Cover


DVD rerelease cover

Concert Tour 2003 Haru ~Matsu Ring PINK~ is Matsuura Aya's spring 2003 concert tour with Inaba Atsuko. The DVD was released on September 18, 2003. It peaked at position #1 on the Oricon weekly charts and sold 31,094 copies.


  1. Opening Ne~e? (オープニング ね〜え?)
  2. MC1
  4. Anata no Kanojo (あなたの彼女)
  5. MC2
  6. Uchuu de La Ta Ta (宇宙でLa Ta Ta) - Matsuura Aya, Inaba Atsuko
  7. MC3 Slide Show / Uchuu de La Ta Ta (Kaeuta: Inaba Kashou) / Ne~e? (Inaba Kashou) (スライドショー/宇宙でLa Ta Ta(替え歌:稲葉歌唱)/ね〜え?(稲葉歌唱))
  8. 100kai no KISS (100回のKISS)
  9. Diary (ダイアリー)
  10. GOOD BYE Natsuo (GOOD BYE 夏男)
  11. MC4
  12. Motokare (元彼)
  13. "AYY Kyou no News" (「AYY今日のニュース」; Ayaya Today's News)
  14. Geki Tomo ※Ne~e? (劇伴 ※ね〜え?)
  15. Momoiro Kataomoi♡ (♡桃色片想い♡)
  16. From That Sky ~Kaedama wa Katamen de~ (From That Sky〜替え玉は硬メンで〜)
  17. Dokki Doki LOVE Mail (ドッキドキ!LOVEメ−ル)
  18. VTR Corner Boogie Train '03 / Uwasa no SEXY GUY (VTRコーナー ブギ−トレイン'03/うわさのSEXY GUY)
  19. Geki Tomo ※SHALL WE LOVE? (Matsuura Version) (劇伴 ※SHALL WE LOVE?(松浦Version))
  20. The Bigaku (The 美学)
  21. LOVE Namida Iro (LOVE涙色)
  22. MC5
  23. Yeah! Meccha Holiday (Yeah!めっちゃホリディ)
  24. MC6
  25. Sougen no Hito (草原の人)
  26. MC7
  27. I know
  28. Omake Eizou (おまけ映像)
  29. Omake Anata no Kanojo / GOOD BYE Natsuo / SHINE MORE / Ne~e! / I know (おまけ あなたの彼女/GOOD BYE 夏男/SHINE MORE/ね〜え?/I know)

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