Hello Pro Kenshuusei
20th Generation
Danbara Ruru, Funaki Musubu, Haga Akane, Kaneko Rie, Niinuma Kisora, Ooura Hirona, Yamaki Risa-429666
20th Generation (L-R: Funaki, Haga, Danbara, Oura, Niinuma, Yokogawa, Yamaki)
General Information

Years active


Former Members

Yamaki Risa (2013-2014)
Yokogawa Yumei (2013-2016)
Niinuma Kisora (2013-2017)
Danbara Ruru (2013-2017)
Oura Hirona (2013-2014)
Haga Akane (2013-2014)
Funaki Musubu (2013-2015)

The 20th Generation Hello Pro Kenshuusei members joined on September 22, 2013. The generation originally consisted of seven girls; Yamaki Risa, Yokogawa Yumei, Niinuma Kisora, Oura Hirona, Danbara Ruru, Haga Akane, and Funaki Musubu.



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