C\C (Cinderella\Complex)
Regular Edition
Single by High-King
Native title C\C (シンデレラ\コンプレックス)
Released June 11, 2008
June 25, 2008 (Single V)
July 5, 2008 (Event V)
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single, CD+DVD, Single V, Event V, digital download
Length 12:38
Label zetima zetima
Producer Tsunku
Other Covers

Limited Edition

Single V

Event V

C\C (Cinderella\Complex) (C\C (シンデレラ\コンプレックス)) is the only single from Hello! Project group, High-King. It was released under the zetima label on June 11, 2008, the single V was released on June 25, 2008. The single peaked at #6 on the Oricon charts and sold a total of 31,693 copies. The single's Single V peaked at #6 and sold 6,660 copies.

The single was released as a promotion for Morning Musume's rendition of Cinderella the Musical.


「High-King」 シンデレラ コンプレックス 【PV】04:03

「High-King」 シンデレラ コンプレックス 【PV】

C\C (Cinderella\Complex) (MV)


  1. C\C (Cinderella\Complex)
  2. Kioku no Meiro (記憶の迷路; Labyrinth of Memories)
  3. C\C (Cinderella\Complex) (Instrumental)

Limited Edition DVDEdit

  1. C\C (Cinderella\Complex) (Dance Shot Ver.)

Single VEdit

  1. C\C (Cinderella\Complex) (PV)
  2. C\C (Cinderella\Complex) (Close-Up Ver.)
  3. "Making of"

Event VEdit

  1. C\C (Cinderella\Complex) (Rolling Ver.)
  2. Kioku no Meiro Photo Collection (記憶の迷路 フォトコレクション)
  3. Maeda Yuuka Feature (密着 まえだゆうか)
  4. C\C (Cinderella\Complex) TV CM (C\C (シンデレラ\コンプレックス) テレビCM)

Featured MembersEdit

Image 7639

High-King promoting single

Concert PerformancesEdit

C\C (Cinderella\Complex)
Kioku no Meiro

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