Bye Bye
Single by Satoda Mai with Gouda Kyoudai
from the album Satoda Mai with Gouda Kazoku
Native title バイバイ
Released January 14, 2009
Genre J-Pop
Format CD+DVD single
Producer Cassius Shimada
Satoda Mai Singles Chronology
Previous Mousugu Christmas Satoda Mai with Gouda Kyoudai 1st single (2008)
Next Don't leave me Satoda Mai with Gouda Kazoku (2009)

Bye Bye (バイバイ) is the second single released by Satoda Mai with Gouda Kyoudai. It was released on January 14, 2009 and sold a total of 45,052 copies. It reached position #5 on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

"Bye Bye" appears on the We Love Hexagon 2009, Petit Best 10, and Satoda Mai with Gouda Kazoku albums.



  1. Bye Bye
  2. Bye Bye (Satoda Mai Version)
  3. Bye Bye (misono Version)
  4. Bye Bye (Karaoke)


  1. Bye Bye Furitsuke Eizou (Multi-Angle) (バイバイ 振り付け映像(マルチアングル); Bye Bye Choreography Video (Multi-Angle))
  2. Mousugu Christmas Furitsuke Eizou (Multi-Angle) (もうすぐクリスマス 振り付け映像(マルチアングル); Christmas Very Soon Choreography Video (Multi-Angle))
  3. Special Anime (スペシャルアニメ)

Single InformationEdit

  • Lyrics: Shimada Shinsuke (as Cassius Shimada)
  • Composition: Takahara Kei
  • Arrangement: Saito Bungo, Iwamuro Akiko

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