Buono! DVD Magazine Vol.5 Miyabi Angle
Buono dvd magazine vol.5
DVD Magazine by Buono!
Native title Buono! DVD MAGAZINE Vol.5 (夏焼雅ソロver.)
Released August 12, 2010
Length 70 min.
Buono! DVD Magazines Chronology
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Buono! DVD Magazine Vol.5 Miyabi Angle (Buono! DVD MAGAZINE Vol.5 (夏焼雅ソロver.); Buono! DVD Magazine Vol.5 Natsuyaki Miyabi Solo Ver.) is the fiveth DVD Magazine by Buono! is relsated August 12, 2010 on Buono! Live Tour 2010 ~Rock'n Buono!~ 3 live.

This is first solo in DVD Magazine Natsuyaki with Tsugunaga and Suzuki and inclued solo concerts.

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