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Buono! promoting their latest concert

The following is a list of Buono! concerts.

Buono! made their concert debut in 2007 as a guest at ℃-ute's fall tour. Buono!'s first solo concert was a fanclub live held in 2008 for their first anniversary. They performed their first non-fanclub concert, Hybrid☆Punch, in 2009, and began their first solo tour, Winter Festa, later that year.

Buono! ConcertsEdit

  1. [2009] Buono! Live 2009 ~Hybrid ☆ Punch~
  2. [2009] Buono! First Live Tour 2009 ~Winter Festa~
  3. [2010] We are Buono! Buono! LIVE TOUR 2010
  4. [2010] Buono! Live Tour 2010 ~Rock'n Buono!~ 3
  5. [2011] Buono! Live 2011 winter ~Re;Buono!~
  6. [2011] Buono! Live Tour 2011 summer ~Rock'n Buono!~ 4
  7. [2012] Buono! LIVE 2012 “R・E・A・L”
  8. [2012] PIZZA-LA Presents Buono! Delivery LIVE 2012 ~Ai wo Otodoke!~
  9. [2016] Buono! Festa 2016

Buono! Fan Club ConcertsEdit

  1. [2008] Buono! Kessei 1 Shuunen Kinen FC Special Live ~Rock'n Buono!~
  2. [2009] Buono! Live ~Rock'n Buono!~ 2

Concerts Featured InEdit

Hello! ProjectEdit

Berryz Koubou / ℃-uteEdit


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