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Buono! promoting "So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~"
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genre Japanese pop, rock
Years Active 2007–present
Labels Pony Canyon (2007-2010)
zetima (2010-present)
Associated Acts Hello! Project Kids, Berryz Koubou, ℃-ute, Bello!, Shugo Chara Egg!, Guardians 4
Website Buono! Official YouTube Channel
Members Tsugunaga Momoko
Natsuyaki Miyabi
Suzuki Airi

Buono! (ボーノ) is a unit managed by UP-FRONT PROMOTION, consisting of three Hello! Project Kids members: Tsugunaga Momoko and Natsuyaki Miyabi from Berryz Koubou, and Suzuki Airi from ℃-ute. The group was formed to create opening and ending themes for the anime Shugo Chara!. After the anime ended, they moved to the zetima label to continue making music. The unit was also under Hello! Project until 2014.

Buono!'s highest selling single is "Honto no Jibun" with 42,035 copies sold. Buono!'s lowest selling single is "So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~" with 1,605 sold.


Backing Band



Buono!, August 2012

Buono deepmind

Buono!, January 2012

Buono! mini album pic

Buono!, August 2011

Buono 12th single

Buono!, July 2011

Zassou no uta

Buono!, February 2011


Buono!, February 2010


Buono!, February 2010


Buono!, December 2009


Buono!, August 2009

Buono my boyypng

Buono!, April 2009


Buono!, February 2009


Buono!, January 2009


Buono!, November 2008


Buono!, August 2008

Buono kiss kiss kiss@

Buono!, May 2008


Buono!, February 2008


Buono!, February 2008

B3b735320d4db2a67d294ae422bc09561229471894 fullpng

Buono!, October 2007


Buono! was officially announced at the Nakayoshi Festival 2007 on July 21 at Ikebukuro's Sunshine City in Tokyo.[1] The unit was formed to sing both the opening and ending themes for the anime adaptation of Shugo Chara!. Buono! continued to record the ending and opening themes for the first season of the anime. As of the second season, Buono! only recorded the ending themes, as the opening themes were handled by Shugo Chara Egg! and Guardians 4, two other groups formed for the sake of performing Shugo Chara! music.

Their debut single, "Honto no Jibun," was released on October 31. Ranking at #5 on the Oricon singles chart and selling over 42,000 copies total, the single was the best-selling Hello! Project Kids single until 2012.


On February 20, they released their debut album, Café Buono!. The album, ranking at #11 on the Oricon albums chart, became the highest selling album by a Hello! Project Kids act at that time.

On August 22, to celebrate the anniversary of their formation, they performed their first solo live, Rock'n Buono!, as a fanclub special.

Later that year, Buono! became the advertisement unit of pizza company, Pizza-La. They were featured in TV commercials and on posters, which were found in various shops across Japan.[2]


Buono! released their second album, Buono!2, on February 11. It peaked at #7 on the Oricon charts, becoming their first album to rank within the top 10.

On December 19, they began their first solo concert tour, titled Winter Festa, which ran for seven shows across three different prefectures.


Buono! released their third album, We are Buono!, on February 10.

On March 27, the anime Shugo Chara! ended and Buono! had no new releases.

Suzuki Airi announced on her blog that they became the advertisement unit for Pink Dot Waffles, which is located in the mall inside Tokyo Tower.[3]

On August 10, they released a compilation album called The Best Buono!. This would be their last release under the Pony Canyon label, as in December it was announced that Buono! would be moving to the zetima label.


January 1, Buono!'s official YouTube channel opened.

On July 9, it was announced that Buono! would be starring in a movie titled Gomennasai. The movie was released in theaters on October 29.

On August 10, they released their first mini album, partenza.

On August 28, it was announced that Buono! Live Tour 2011 summer ~Rock'n Buono!~ 4 would be streamed live on August 28 at 14:00 (JST) on their YouTube channel.

On November 12, it was announced that Buono! would perform their first overseas live concert in Paris, France, at La Machine du Moulin Rouge on February 12, 2012.[4]


On May 30, Buono! performed alongside several idol groups in an event produced by AKB48's Sashihara Rino titled Dai Ikkai Yubi Matsuri ~Idol Rinji Soukai~ at Nippon Budokan. Other groups that were also invited were Idoling!!!, Sashihara Rino, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, SUPER☆GiRLS, Tokyo Joshiryu, Passpo☆, Momoiro Clover Z, and Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.

On August 22, they released their second mini album, SHERBET.


On June 25, Gomennasai was released in the United States as the Ring of Curse.[5]

On August 28, Buono! performed at the SATOUMI movement event SATOUMI × OTODAMA 2013 ~Guest ni Berikyuu! Umi ni Shuugou!~.[6]


On April 23, Buono! was removed from the artist section on the Hello! Project website when its design was updated. While the unit is no longer considered a main act of Hello! Project, they still are considered a main act of UP-FRONT PROMOTION, and continued their radio show Trattoria Buono!.

On January 1, Buono! participated in the Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2013 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~ concert.

On July 3, Buono! performed during a BeriKyuu concert at Japan Expo in Paris, France.[7]

On September 10 and 11, they performed at a two-day BeriKyuu concerts held at Nippon Budokan, ℃-ute (910) no Hi Special Concert 2014 Thank You BeriKyuu! in Nippon Budokan and Berryz Koubou 10 Shuunen Kinen Special Concert 2014 Thank You BeriKyuu! in Nippon Budokan.


On February 28, Buono! broadcasted the 100th and final episode of their radio show Trattoria Buono!.

Also on February 28 and March 1, Buono! performed at the Berryz Koubou Matsuri.


On January 1, Buono! performed at the Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2015 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~. They announced a Buono! concert would be held at Nippon Budokan on August 25, with ℃-ute, Country Girls, and Natsuyaki's new group as guests.[8] On April 8, the name of the concert was announced as Buono! Festa 2016.[9]

On September 21, Buono! released their first single in more than four years, "So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~."[10]


On May 22, Buono! will hold their first concert at Yokohama Arena.[11] This may also be their last solo concert before June 12, when ℃-ute will disband and it is currently unknown whether Suzuki Airi will continue performing afterwards, and June 30, when leader Tsugunaga Momoko will graduate and retire from the entertainment industry to become a school teacher.[12][13]

Group Name OriginEdit

The name translates to tasty, more specifically when used to imply food possesses a pleasant palate (from Italian, good!).

Performances Outside JapanEdit

On March 7, 2009, Hello! Project announced that Buono! was to perform at the Japan Expo in Stockholm, Sweden on May 24, 2009,[14] but the convention was cancelled a month earlier on April 21, 2009, due to "the financial change in world economy, severe competition from other festivals/concerts as well as poor ticket sale.[15]

On February 12, 2012, Buono! performed at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, France.[4]

On July 3rd, 2014, they performed again in Paris during a BeriKyuu concert at Japan Expo.[7]


Studio Albums
Mini Albums
Best Albums
Collaboration Albums

  1. [2007.10.31] Honto no Jibun (ホントのじぶん)
  2. [2008.02.06] Ren'ai♥Rider (恋愛♥ライダー)
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DVD Magazines

BuonoDVDMagazine01416px-ehvtftBuono dvd magazine vol.3Buono dvd magazine vol.4Buono dvd magazine vol.5Buono dvd magazine vol.6Buono dvd magazine vol.7Buono dvd magazine vol.8Vol9pngVol10pngSans titre 5pngSans titre 6pngBuono dvd magazine vol.13Buono dvd magazine vol.14 Buono dvd magazine vol.15

  • [2008.12.20] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.1 (FC Limited)
  • [2009.12.19] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.2 (FC Limited)
  • [2010.02.11] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.3 (FC Limited)
  • [2010.08.12] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.4 Momoko Angle (FC Limited)
  • [2010.08.12] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.5 Miyabi Angle (FC Limited)
  • [2010.08.12] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.6 Airi Angle (FC Limited)
  • [2011.02.11] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.7 (FC Limited)
  • [2011.02.19] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.8 (FC Limited)
  • [2011.08.20] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.9 (FC Limited)
  • [2011.08.20] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.10 (FC Limited)
  • [2012.01.28] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.11 (FC Limited)
  • [2012.01.28] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.12 (FC Limited)
  • [2012.08.25] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.13 (FC Limited)
  • [2012.08.25] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.14 (FC Limited)
  • [2016.08.25] Buono! DVD MAGAZINE VOL.15
Buono! Days

416px-jhgfdBuono days 2 - buono vs bello

  • [2008.08.22] Buono! Days ~Buono! Leader Ketteisen!~ (Buono! days ~Buono!リーダー決定戦!~) (FC Only)
  • [2009.08.21] Buono Days 2 ~Buono! vs Bello! Special Drama~ (Buono! Days2 2009 夏 スペシャルドラマ風 Buono!危機一髪) (FC Only)




  • [2012.05.25] Buono! In Paris “C’est bon”

Concert PhotobooksEdit


  • [2010.02.20] LIVE TOUR PHOTO DOCUMENT "Buono! First Live Tour 2009 ~ Winter Festa! ~"
  • [2011.05.09] Buono! Live 2011 winter ~Re; Buono!~ LIVE PHOTO DOCUMENT

Magazines Featured InEdit

  • [2010.01.23] The Television (March 2010 Issue)
  • [2010.01.14] CD The Ta (CDでーた)
  • [2009.12.14] CD The Ta CDでーた
  • [2009.12.09] Bomb
  • [2009.12.01] HYPER HOBBY
  • [2009.09.10] Yang Yang (ヤンヤン)
  • [2009.09.09] Bomb
  • [2009.08.23] Kindai
  • [2009.08.12] CD The Ta (CDでーた)
  • [2009.04.28] TV station
  • [2009.04.23] Kindai
  • [2009.04.14] CD The Ta (CDでーた)
  • [2009.09.xx] Yan Yan Vol.8
  • [2011.06.xx] UP to boy Vol.204 (August 2011 Issue)
  • [2011.08.26] memew vol.52
  • [2012.04.23] JAPAN pop
  • [2012.10.xx] Top Yell (October 2012 Issue)


TV AppearancesEdit

  • [2009.12.14] NHK「MUSIC JAPAN」



  • [2008–2012] Pizza-La
  • [2010] Pink Dot Waffles
  • [2010] VIVA! Paella


  • [2011] Aron Alpha
  • [2011] Piranha 3D


  • [2011] Viva!Paella Presents - MUSIC Buono! (Shonan Beach FM)
  • [2011–2013] PIZZA-LA presents - Cafe Buono! (Shonan Beach FM)
  • [2013–2015] PIZZA-LA presents - Torattoria Buono! (Shonan Beach FM)

Fanclub EventsEdit


  • This is the only group in Hello! Project that uses a live band for most of their concerts.
  • This is the only group made for the anime Shugo Chara! that didn't disband when the anime ended.
  • Every few singles, the group rotates the center girl.
  • Originally when they were formed there was no leader. However, after gaining popularity, they decided that a leader was needed and appointed Tsugunaga Momoko as leader. Finding a leader was the subject of their first DVD magazine.
  • Their debut single "Honto no Jibun" was the best-selling Hello! Project Kids single until ℃-ute's "Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku" surpassed it by about 3,000 copies in 2012.
  • The members made a song and dance called "Buono!Man no Uta," which they have done on shows and at concerts.
  • They have released more singles than any other Hello! Project special unit, beating Minimoni by two singles.
  • All the members were raised in Chiba Prefecture.

Total Sales CountEdit

Year Year Sales Total Sales
2007 48,125 48,125
2008 176,252 224,377
2009 130,298 354,675
2010 60,287 414,962
2011 44,894 459,856
2012 34,285 494,141

See AlsoEdit


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