Album by Ishii Rika

Released September 3, 2010
Format CD
Label geedes records
Producer Masato Kamata
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Aoi Kuma (あおいくま; Blue Bear) is the first album by Ishii Rika.


  1. Boku no Michi (Asahi Daigaku Image Song) (僕の道(朝日大学イメージソング); My Path (Asahi University Image Song))
  2. Wedding Story (2009 Akita View Hotel commercial song)
  3. Kimi no Sora e Utai Tsudzuku (君の空へ詩いつづく; I Will Continue Singing to Your Sky) (2010 Akita View Hotel commercial song)
  4. Akai Tsuki
  5. "Anata ga Itsumo Kokoro no Soko Kara Tanoshimeru Koto wo Negattemasu." (「あなたがいつもこころの底から楽しめることを願ってます。」; "I Hope from the Bottom of My Heart That You Can Always Enjoy.") (Japan Game Card commercial song)
  6. Rainbow Rain
  7. Lose of Control
  8. Kokoro
  9. Nanairo no Kutsu
  10. You no Ataru Hou e (陽のあたるほうへ; Toward You in the Sun)
  11. Hibiki (響き; Sound)

Album InformationEdit

All music and lyrics: Ishii Rika


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