ANGERME promoting their latest concert

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This is a list of ANGERME (formerly S/mileage) concerts and events since 2010.


Concerts Participated InEdit

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Hello Pro Egg / Hello Pro KenshuuseiEdit



Release EventsEdit

Fanclub EventsEdit

  • [2010.01.31] S/mileage Ouen Kikaku ~S/mileage Mega Bank vol.0~
  • [2010.04.17] S/mileage Ouen Kikaku ~S/mileage Mega Bank vol.1~
  • [2010.06.27] S/mileage Ouen Kikaku ~S/mileage Mega Bank vol.2~
  • [2010.12.25~12.26] S/mileage Ouen Kikaku ~S/mileage Mega Bank vol.3~
  • [2011.12.31] S/mileage Mega Bank vol.4 (Maeda Yuuka's Graduation)
  • [2012.05.12] S/mileage Mega Bank vol.5 ~2 Shuunen Kinen Special~
  • [2013.04.14] S/mileage 2ki Member Fanclub Event ~Quad Smile~
  • [2014.03.01~03.02] S/mileage Mega Bank vol.6

Joint EventsEdit

Fanclub EventsEdit

Events Participated inEdit

SATOYAMA & ATOUMI movementEdit

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