② Shiawase no Akashi
2 Shiawase no Akashi
Album by THE Possible
Native title ②幸せの証
Released March 28, 2012
Genre J-Pop
Format CD album
Recorded 2008-2012
Length 48:36
Label TNX
Producer Tsunku
THE Possible Albums Chronology
Previous 6 Nenme Start! 1st mini album (2011)
Next Aratamemashite, THE Possible Desu! ~Nyuumon Hen Best~ 2nd best album (2013)
Singles from ② Shiawase no Akashi
1. Shiawase no Katachi
2. Family ~Tabidachi no Asa~
3. Watashi no Miryoku / LOVE2 Paradise

② Shiawase no Akashi (②幸せの証; 2 Proof of Happiness) is the second album released by THE Possible. This is their first album to include more than 6 tracks.

The album did not chart on Oricon charts.


  1. Sakurairo no Romantic (桜色のロマンチック; Cherry Blossom-Colored Romantic)
  2. Senkousekka Baby! (電光石火Baby!; Lightning Speed Baby!)
  3. Watashi no Miryoku (私の魅力; My Charm)
  4. LOVE^2 Paradise (LOVE2 パラダイス)
  5. I love you Watashi no Kimi (I love you 私の君; I love you My Pal)
  6. Shiawase Hanabi Go Go GOOO! (幸せ花火ゴッゴッGOーッ!; Fireworks of Happiness Goo Goo GOOO!)
  7. Family ~Tabidachi no Asa~ (Family~旅立ちの朝~; Family ~Morning Start~)
  8. Shiawase no Akashi (幸せの証; Proof of Happiness)
  9. Kibou to Seishun no Hikari (希望と青春のヒカリ; Hope and Youth of Light)
  10. Shiawase no Katachi (幸せの形; Shape of Happiness)
  11. Play Ball (THE Possible Ver.) (プレイボール)

Featured MembersEdit

Shiawase no Akashi

THE Possible promoting album

Album InformationEdit

  1. Sakurairo no Romantic
  2. Denkousekka Baby!
  3. Watashi no Miryoku
  4. LOVE2 Paradise
  5. I love you Watashi no Kimi
  6. Shiawase Hanabi Go Go GOOO!
  7. Family ~Tabidachi no Asa~
  8. Shiawase no Akashi
  9. Kibou to Seishun no Hikari
  10. Shiawase no Katachi
  11. Play Ball (THE Possible Ver.)


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