2017 is the year ℃-ute disbands, Tsugunaga Momoko graduates from Country Girls and Hello! Project, Fujii Rio graduates from Kobushi Factory and Hello! Project, and Kudo Haruka graduates from Morning Musume '17 and Hello! Project.




DVD SinglesEdit




Birthday EventsEdit



  • January 22: Furusato no Yume begins
  • June 7: Airi's Potion ends (Radio)
  • June 14: Yajima no Heya becomes Fukumura no Heya (Podcast)
  • July 17: JK Ninja Girls theatrical release



  • January 2:
    • Morning Musume's 9th Gen's 6th anniversary
    • Kobushi Factory's 2nd anniversary
  • February 3: Juice=Juice's 4th anniversary
  • April 4: ANGERME's 8th anniversary
  • April 29: Tsubaki Factory's 2nd anniversary
  • June 11: ℃-ute's 12th anniversary
  • July 16: ANGERME's 5th Gen's 1st anniversary
  • August 13: Tsubaki Factory's Ono Mizuho, Onoda Saori and Akiyama Mao's 1st anniversary
  • August 14: ANGERME's 2nd Gen's 6th anniversary
  • September 14:
    • Morning Musume's 20th anniversary
    • Morning Musume's 11th Gen's 5th anniversary
  • September 29: Morning Musume's 10th Gen's 6th anniversary
  • September 30: Morning Musume's 12th Gen's 3rd anniversary
  • October 4: ANGERME's 3rd Gen's 3rd anniversary
  • October 10: Juice=Juice Day (JuuJuu no Hi)
  • November 5: Country Girls' 3rd/2nd anniversary
  • November 11: ANGERME's 4th Gen's 2nd anniversary
  • December 12: Morning Musume's 13th Gen's 1st anniversary

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