Regular Edition
Album by Ongaku Gatas
Released February 6, 2008
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Recorded 2007-2008
Length 44:08
Label zetima zetima
Producer Tsunku
Singles from 1st GOODSAL
1. Narihajimeta Koi no BELL
2. Yattarouze!
Other Covers
Limited Edition

1st GOODSAL is the 1st album by Ongaku Gatas. The album was released in both regular and limited editions; the limited coming with a booklet. The album reached #24 on the Oricon charts, charted for two weeks, and sold a total of 8,695 copies. It was released on February 6, 2008.


  1. Dakishimete... Namida (抱きしめて···涙; Please Hold... Tears)
  2. Osaki ni Sunzurei (お先にすんずれい)
  3. Narihajimeta Koi no BELL (鳴り始めた恋のBELL; The Bells of Love Have Begun to Ring)
  4. Seishun no Custard (青春のカスタード; Youth Custard) - Yoshizawa Hitomi, Satoda Mai
  5. Kokoro no Tanima (心の谷間; Valley of My Heart) - Noto Arisa, Mano Erina
  6. Yattarouze! (やったろうぜ!; Let's Do It!)
  7. Chikyuu to Tsuki Kare to Watashi (地球と月 彼と私; The Earth and the Moon, the Boy and I) - Ishikawa Rika, Konno Asami, Sengoku Minami, Sawada Yuri
  8. Kara Genki (カラゲンキ; Mere Bravado) - Yoshizawa Hitomi, Ishikawa Rika, Satoda Mai, Konno Asami
  9. Koi Uranai Doori ni wa Naranai wa (恋占い通りにはならないわ; It Won't Work Out Like the Love Fortune) - Korenaga Miki, Noto Arisa, Mano Erina, Sengoku Minami, Sawada Yuri, Muto Mika
  10. Kiss Shiyou (キスしよう; Let's Kiss) - Ishikawa Rika, Konno Asami

Featured MembersEdit

Album InformationEdit

  1. Dakishimete...Namida
  2. Osaki ni Sunzurei
  3. Narihajimeta Koi no BELL
  4. Seishun no Custard
  5. Kokoro no Tanima
  6. Yattarouze!
  7. Chikyuu to Tsuki Kare to Watashi
  8. Kara Genki
  9. Koi Uranai Doori ni wa Naranai wa
  10. Kiss Shiyou
    • Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: Takahashi Yuichi

Concert PerformancesEdit

All songs were performed at Ongaku Gatas First Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Mi Zaru Shuku Zaru GOODSAL!~.
Dakishimete... Namida
Osaki ni Sunzurei
Seishun no Custard
Chikyuu to Tsuki Kare to Watashi
Kara Genki
Koi Uranai Doori ni wa Naranai wa
Kiss Shiyou

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Daily & Weekly Rankings
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 7 20 33 35 44 - 24 7,506
- - - - - - - 132 1,189
Yearly Ranking
Year Year Rank Sales
2008 892 8,695
  • Total sales 8,695

External LinksEdit

Ongaku Gatas
Former Members
Yoshizawa Hitomi, Ishikawa Rika, Korenaga Miki, Sengoku Minami, Mano Erina, Muto Mika, Sawada Yuri, Konno Asami, Noto Arisa, Satoda Mai
01, 02, 03, 04

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