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10nin Matsuri
Promoting Dancing! Natsu Matsuri
Genre Japanese Pop
Years Active 2001
Labels zetima zetima
Associated Acts 3nin Matsuri, 7nin Matsuri, Morning Musume, Coconuts Musume, Country Musume, Melon Kinenbi
Website Hello!
Former Members Iida Kaori
Abe Natsumi
Yasuda Kei
Yoshizawa Hitomi
Tsuji Nozomi
Mika Todd
Toda Rinne
Saito Hitomi
Murata Megumi
Otani Masae

10nin Matsuri (10人祭; 10 Person Festival; pronounced じゅうにんまつり, Juunin Matsuri) was one of the 2001 Hello! Project Shuffle Units alongside 3nin Matsuri and 7nin Matsuri. The theme of the group was said to be "old fashioned Japan".






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