℃-ute DVD Magazine Vol.33
DVD Magazine by ℃-ute
Released June 29, 2013
Length 97 min.
℃-ute DVD Magazines Chronology
Previous ℃-ute DVD Magazine Vol.32 (2013)
Next ℃-ute DVD Magazine Vol.34 (2013)

℃-ute DVD Magazine Vol.33 is a DVD Magazine by ℃-ute. It was released on June 29, 2013 as merchandise for the ℃-ute Concert Tour 2013 Haru ~Treasure Box~ venue.

This issue on features ℃-ute Concert Tour 2012~2013 Fuyu ~Shinseinaru Pentagram~ footage.


  2. 2012.11.24 Shibuya Public Hall
  3. 2012.12.8 Forest Hall Centre
  4. 2012.12.15 NHK Osaka Hall 1
  5. 2012.12.16 NHK Osaka Hall 2
  6. 2012.12.30 Zepp Fukuoka
  7. 2012.12.30 NHK Osaka Hall 3
  8. In the pentagram, Chart Selection
  9. 2013.2.2 Shibuya Public Hall

Featured MembersEdit

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