℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~¡De vuelta a México!~

℃-ute promoting the concert
℃-ute Concert Tour
Event Date April 13, 2017
℃-ute Concert Tours Chronology
Previous ℃elebration Spring 2017 Tour
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℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~¡De vuelta a México!~ (℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~Back in Mexico!~) is ℃-ute's second concert in Mexico. It was held on April 13, 2017 at SALA CORONA.

The concert DVD will be available for fanclub and e-LineUP! Mall pre-orders from June 1 to June 28, 2017.[1]


  1. Massara Blue Jeans
  3. Kanashiki Amefuri
  4. MC
  5. The Curtain Rises
  6. The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku~
  7. Crazy Kanzen na Otona
  8. Mugen Climax
  9. Jounetsu Ecstasy
  10. MC
  11. Arigatou ~Mugen no Yell~
  12. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku
  13. MC
  14. Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita
  15. Lottery
  16. Sakura Chirari
  17. Ooki na Ai de Motenashite
  18. Tokaikko Junjou
  19. Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version)
  20. Kiss me Aishiteru
  21. Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko
  22. Final Squall
  23. Dance de Bakoon!
  24. JUMP

Featured MembersEdit

Concert ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Location Doors Open (CT) Concert Starts (CT)
4/13 SALA CORONA Roma Norte, Mexico City, Mexico 16:00 (VIP)


  • A fan meeting, only accessible to VIP ticket holders, was also held the day after the concert on April 14 at foro indie Rocks.[2]



  • At the Monumento a la Independencia (Angel of Independence)


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