"Ken & Mary no Merikenko On Stage!" Original Cast Ban
Soundtrack Album by Goto Maki
Native title けん&メリーのメリケン粉オンステージ!」オリジナルキャスト盤
Released March 5, 2003
Format CD
Recorded 2003
Length 30:02
Goto Maki Albums Chronology
Previous Makking GOLD 1 1st album (2003)
Next 2 Paint It Gold 2nd album (2004)

"Ken & Mary no Merikenko On Stage!" Original Cast Ban (「けん&メリーのメリケン粉オンステージ!」オリジナルキャスト盤) is a special compilation album that compiles songs performed by Goto Maki in the musical "Ken & Mary no Merikenko On Stage!". Track #1 and track #2 of the album were previously released on Goto's double A-side single Sans Toi Ma Mie / Kimi to Itsumademo, they are also cover songs from the 1960s: Track #1 was originally sung by Salvatore Adamo and track #2 by Yuzo Kayama. The album was released on March 5, 2003. It peaked at #59 on the Oricon weekly charts and sold a total of 6,759 copies.


  1. Sans Toi Ma Mie (Musical version) (サン・トワ・マミー(ミュージカルVersion))
  2. Kimi to Itsumademo (君といつまでも)
  3. Koi no Twist & Wacchaina Town (恋のツイスト&笑っちゃいなタウン?)
  4. Please Don't Cry ! (Musical Version) (プリーズ ドント クライ!(ミュージカル))
  5. A Head Age Nippon ! (A HEAD AGE 日本!)
  6. I Love That Sempai (I LOVE THAT 先輩)
  7. Klatt Kichau na ! (クラッときちゃうな!)
  8. Saida Ikka no Uta (西田一家の歌)
  9. Yokan (予感)
  10. Help (HELP)
  11. Dadan Dadan (ダダンダダン)
  12. Suki (好き)
  13. A Head Age Nippon ! (Encore Version) (A HEAD AGE 日本!(アンコールVersion))
  14. Please Don't Cry ! (プリーズ ドント クライ!)
  15. Klatt Kichau na ! (Ukiuki Version) (クラッときちゃうな!(ウキウキVersion))
  16. Yokan (Shiawase Version) (予感(幸せVersion)?)
  17. Please Don't Cry ! (Orugoru Version) (プリーズ ドント クライ!(オルゴールVersion))
  18. Suki (Shitsuren Version) (好き(失恋Version))
  19. Sans Toi Ma Mie (Ending Version) (サン・トワ・マミー(エンディングVersion))

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